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“Flowers of Intellect” Bloom in Besieged Damascus Suburbs

Print Edition | Issue 180 Hanin Alnaqri By the end of a violent day marked with blood and death in the besieged city of Douma in Damascus Suburbs, staff of Bytul-Hikma library in collaboration with “Youth towards Islamic Society”, launched a second book fair in the besieged Ghouta (Suburbs), entitled “Book and Spring II”, on […]

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“Dreamy” Journey to Bottom of Mediterranean

During their run for a refuge in Europe through the Mediterranean last week, the “Hassoun” family bed farewell to their 11-year-old daughter, “Raghad”; however, this time the unsettling waves of the sea were not the ones to blame. The family left Syria in 2013, and settled in Egypt up until “Syrians have become targeted in Egypt recently and […]

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Shelling of Idlib Revives the Once Perished Claws of Illiteracy

Maher Haj Ahmad – Enab Baladi Prints Edition | Issue 178 Most Syrian children did not experience the usual state of anticipation and anguish this end of school semester, which has been missing for two or three years in a row, maybe even longer. Meanwhile, Syria’s children are worriedly anticipating barrels of explosive that may fell at […]

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سانا: شاركنا أجواء الصيف في سوريا!

أطلقت وكالة الأنباء الرسمية (سانا) حملة “الصيف في سوريا” عبر صفحتها الإنكليزية في تويتر يوم الاثنين 22 حزيران، لكن ناشطين معارضين وأجانب استغلوا الحملة لإظهار الصورة الحقيقية لحالة الحرب التي تشهدها سوريا. وقالت سانا “نعيش الآن أجواء الصيف، شاركنا لحظاتك الصيفية داخل سوريا عبر الهاشتاغ (#SummerInSyria)، لكن لحظات قليلة كانت كافيةً ليزخم المنشور بآلاف التعليقات الغاضبة “هل […]

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Bytul-Hikma in Besiged Douma

Enab Baladi – Eastern Ghouta (Damascus Suburbs) “We are all prisoners but some of us are in cells with windows and some without” The quote was written down on one of the books in Bytul-Hikma Liberary in the city of Douma, in the Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Suburbs. Hanin, a founder of the library where […]

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Literacy in Daraya, “Revolution” on Ignorance

Enab Baladi – Daraya Several attempts have been made to spread reading and writing skills among the illiterate fighters and civilians in the city of Daraya, despite all difficulties imposed by the war, with the objective to eradicate ignorance and to fight the educational decline hastened by over thirteen months of siege. “Our Aim” is […]