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“Flowers of Intellect” Bloom in Besieged Damascus Suburbs

Print Edition | Issue 180 Hanin Alnaqri By the end of a violent day marked with blood and death in the besieged city of Douma in Damascus Suburbs, staff of Bytul-Hikma library in collaboration with “Youth towards Islamic Society”, launched a second book fair in the besieged Ghouta (Suburbs), entitled “Book and Spring II”, on […]

Untitled-13.jpgعنب بلدي في الإعلام

BBC: Syria profile – Media

BBC: 13 February 2015 | Middle East The Syrian uprising has left a fractured media environment, split between areas controlled by the government, Islamic State militants and other armed groups. Scores of journalists and citizen journalists have been killed since the start of the revolt in 2011. Syria was the world’s deadliest country for journalists in […]