Enab Baladi issue # 77 – cover & editorial

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Enab Baladi issue # 77

Enab Baladi Issue # 77 – Sunday August 11, 2013

When Eid Comes Again

The turns which the Syrian Revolution of Liberty and Dignity has reached may not be the only causative factor behind our style of holding Eid Festivals and other events. “Alas, how miserable have you become, oh Eid” is a common saying that each and every one of us has heard at every Eid, time after time ever since the first Eid we have ever attended, long before the arrival of the Arab Spring and the outbreak of region-wide revolutions. And it seems we will continue to hear it every coming Eid, for there always will be an ordeal to survive and a challenge to handle. It seems that there is no escape from the sobering reality. Waiting for the better future to embrace happiness is none but a prescription for a slow death that devours our strong will and determination to live, and thus to conquer. A life of weariness and toil is not a fulfilling one. “Life is nothing but wrestle and struggle\ Yet, I wonder why people harbor desires\ for increasing their lot”, as Abo Al ‘Ala’ Al Ma’ari, an ancient Syrian poet, put it.

The determination to live comes only from savouring the precious moments of happiness and love which pass through the hard work and the deep grief in our lives, especially in times of wars and difficulties.

However, the field situation and the recent development on the ground, during the last third of Ramadan in particular, surpassed all expectations. On the northern front, Menagh Military Airbase was taken over by FSA; on the eastern front, the battle resumed in Dier Ezzor and notable advances were made as well; on the western front, the first coastal operations are set out to thwart the regime’s intended plans for division; and finally, the southern front where Mr. Al Jarba, president of the Syrian National Coalition, attended Eid prayers and noted the necessity of eliminating warmongers.

The well-intentioned calls for Syrians to kill happiness and to abandon Eid celebrations and traditions may not attain their desired end; let us rather create happiness for ourselves and spread smiles everywhere. Let us enjoy what we rightly deserve…

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