Enab Baladi issue#78 + Editorial

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Enab Baladi issue # 78Colonel Abdul-Fattah Al Assad

Bashar Al Assad was right, for once, when he noted during his visit to Daraya that armies and regimes throughout the world started to analyze the performance of the Syrian Army in order to benefit from its experience. No doubt, Assad has become a leading instructor in criminality and a particularly inspiring dictator for tyrants all over the world. Others started to mimic his “anti-people” policies, and his methods for brutal repression of freedom demands, and for extermination of political rivals. What Egypt is witnessing today is merely a copied version of the Syrian scene that has been ongoing for two years now. Massacres, sniping, burning mosques and churches, raids, wholesale arrests, and hurling accusations of terrorism, infidelity, all types of violations at opposition groups, empowering the government propaganda machine, both state-run and none-state  media propagandas, letting out streams of invective against opposition figures, and much more are the practical application of the first lessons learned from Al Assad!

Moreover, involvement of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States in Arab Spring should not be ignored or underestimated. Only a few hours after the coup against “Sharia”, “Islamic” Saudi Arabia, the very same state which supports the Syrian Revolution against Al Assad and fuels the sectarian sentiment among Syrians through backing extreme Islamists groups with funds and fighters under “Jihadist” and “Islamic” mottos, showered Al Sisi with money, and directed its media to support the Egyptian Army in killing its oppositions, Muslims and none-Muslims alike.

The Syrians are beset with growing worries over the situation in Egypt; they are holding hopes for the Egyptians not to fall into the tragic Syrian scenario, which brought Syria’s destruction, killed its youth, crippled its economy, and above all silenced the voices of reason and logic leaving only gunshots to be heard everywhere.


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