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Enab Baladi Issue # 90 – Sun, Nov. 10, 2013 – Editorial

Enab Baladi Issue 90There is an exception to every rule; that’s what grammarians say. However, in the Syrian scene every rule seems to be an exception by itself; exceptional actions, exceptional thinking, and exceptional theories and practices.

In the past couple of days, activists circulated a recorded audio relayed via Ayman Al Zawahiri, leader of Al Qaeda; the recording included orders to disband the organization of “the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”, (AKA ISIS). Zawahiri confined Al Baghdadi, head of the Islamic State to Iraq, and Al Jawlani to the leadership of Jabhat Al Nusra in Syria, stressing that each of the organizations, ISIS and Al Nusra Front, is an independent branch of Al Qaeda that reports to the general command.

However, Al Baghdadi, not paying a heed to the commands of his “Amir”, reaffirmed commitment to merging with Al-Nusra Front.  Thus, he violates the basic rule of “Sharia” that Al Qaeda adheres to: one should obey “Amir”, except when ordered to do a sinful act, unless giving up oil wells in eastern Syria seems to be sin, or leaving people there managing their own business in peace is an act of evil that compels declaring disobedience and renouncing allegiance.

Still, it is quite strange that despite the violations committed by ISIS, Zawahari has not renounced the organization yet.

Truly, the Syrian scene cannot get any more surrealistic; what are these people fighting over? Do they actually think they present a “state”? Is it the state that will bring Muslims’ past victories back? How could a state be established by anonymous groups, without shaping its organizations, or service? Would a Syrian citizen be required to have a visa to move between neighborhoods in “Liberated” Aleppo? How people would view Islam after all that chaos?

The notorious distorter of Islam is the forces which use it –Islam-as their credo; consequently, they attribute their conflicts to Islam and thus distorted its image.

Following the mass chaos and drawbacks, a truthful confrontation with ourselves and a willingness to reconsider and to change what caused the catastrophe are required; otherwise, a more misfortunate catastrophic future is awaiting us.


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