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Enab Baladi Issue # 100– Sun, Jan. 20, 2014

وابشاراهAs the “valiant Army” was showering rebelled areas with barrels of explosives and rockets, in addition to siege tactics and starvation warfare in Sothern Damascus and its suburbs, a few kilometers away, Al Assad was at Alhamd Mosque in Al Mhajereen, among crowds of people attending “Mawlid” (Birth of Prophet Muhammad) Ceremony.

Mr. Al Sayyed, Minister of Endowment and Religious Affairs, turned the ceremony into one of “Al Baath” celebrations through his lavish speech which heaped praise on Al Assad, the “sovereign “and the “savior” of the woeful Syrian people who have been b beset with the vandalism of the “Revolutionists” who offended mosques and churches alike!

The minister erroneously believed that if he, who –supposedly- speaks in the name of religion, has renewed pledges to Al Assad, all people are to comply!

During his speech, Al Sayyed compared Al Assad to Al Motasem, (a famous military figure in Arab history), and delighted him with false promises of “his people” renewing “Baiya” (pledge) of loyalty to him, and all calling upon him to save them… “Wa Basharah”!

After all the killing and destruction all around Syria, Mr. Al Sayyed turned a blind eye to all that and presented Al Assad as the one to end the bloodshed, and the one to rebuild Syria, overlooking the fact that Al Assad is the one who has started it all.

As it has been already established, “his master” is not to respect international law or to end the bloodshed and the destruction; yet Mr. Al Sayyed conveyed a message to the Syrian people that “the whole world shall not defy the Syrian people’s willing, not in Geneva, or any elsewhere”.

So the question is: does the word “Syrian people” includes –according to the regime- the people who have lost their houses during attacks with barrels of explosive, or the people who had to flee their houses under showers of bulled trailing them by the “valiant army”?


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