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Enab Baladi Issue # 105– Sun, Feb. 23, 2014 – Editoria

عنب بلدي - العدد 105- الأحد 23شباط 2014 غلافLast June, Assad forces backed by Hezbollah fighters launched an attack targeting the city of Al Qusair in western suburbs of Homs from three sides. Regime media presented the military campaign as a defeat of opposition fighters adjoining the Lebanese boarders; yet despite all efforts to support rebels fighting there, the city fell under the control of Assad regime amid increasing chatter about treason and giving in among rebel fighters.

Today, after the failure of political negotiations, an attempt to repeat al-Qusair’s scenario was made, yet this time by Hezbollah backed by regime forces. However, the campaign charged with sectarian motifs failed to break the rebels’ will; Hezbollah fighters had to retreat in frustration as it failed its supporters who have been receiving their fallen heroes who died resisting “terrorists and takfiris“. Dozens of corpses of Hezbollah fighters, including those of its prominent leaders, placed Hezbollah in a tough position in front of its supporters and the families of the victims who have been dragged into a war that is not theirs.

Meanwhile opposition fighters in al-Qalamoon seem to begin working with firm steps as they have been working based on military planning under a joint military operation command. This planning proved effective as it resulted in the advancement at three fronts at the same time; which led to dispersing regime forces attacking Yabroud. The absence of using such a tactic by opposition fighters in previous battles has cost them several strategic positions where they could only “appease” to face regime’s scorched-earth policy.

In case opposition fighters managed to enable their bases in al-Qalamoon after the battle taking advantage of the exhaustion of Hezbollah and Assad fighters, then the door will be opened to break the siege of both Homs and Eastern Ghouta. Meanwhile, people are waiting for more thoughtful planning in making decisions, and for proposing strategies to put further pressure on Assad fighters in order for the opposition to retrieve the positions they have previously lost.


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