Daraya Massacre First Anniversary

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Daraya Massacre First Anniversary

Enab Baladi Issue # 79Enab Baladi Issue 79 – Sunday August 25, 2013 – Editorial

The publication of Enab Baladi’s 79th issue coincides with the first anniversary of the Daraya Massacre, which was carried out by regime forces last August. It was one of the bloodiest massacres in the contemporary history.  Causalities exceeded 700 deaths, and hundreds of injuries; in addition to the severe property damage estimated at dozens of millions of Syrian Pounds. However, a few days ago a more appalling massacre was committed by the Syrian regime in the eastern and western suburbs. Over than 1300 were killed by chemical weapons in Ghouta, a few kilometers from Damascus City Centre, where the International Investigation Committee was staying.

Throughout the past few months, Enab Baladi has been working in collaboration with activists, journalists, and civilians on documenting violations committed by the regime against the Syrian people relying mainly on testimonies. The documentation includes reports, interviews, and stories of martyrs of the Revolution. The documentation is particularly concerned with the Daraya Massacre and its casualties.

This issue was initially designated to be a special Daraya Massacre issue dedicated to detailed files on military, economic, and humanitarian implications of the massacre. In addition, substantial developments after the massacre in Daraya, both political and social, were to be covered; mainly the formation of the Local Council of Daraya City, and the waves of displacement at the beginning of the last ongoing campaign on the city due to fears of another massacre.  However, the Chemical attack on Ghouta and the death of a number of activists in Daraya have affected the team directly; thus many subjects were to be deferred until coming issues. Nevertheless, this issue includes an analysis of the field and military situations during the massacre, a special report on the humanitarian and medical situation, stories of people who lived the massacre, and coverage of some of the events which followed the massacre.

God bless the martyrs! Shame to their murderers and shame to those who watch them being killed and lapse into silence…

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