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Obama’s Preferences!

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Obama’s Preferences!

Enab Baladi Issue 80Enab Baladi Issue # 80 – Sun, Sep. 1st 2013 – Editorial

Recently, Obama appears to become the absolute ruler over Syria, and it seems that it is in his hands alone to end or to prolong this war! The Syrian people have been talking for days about the potential American strike, which Obama has promised Assad Regime as a punitive measure for such a blatant violation of international conventions. When will the strike be? How will the strike be carried out? What are the possible reactions of the regime and its allies, Russia and Iran? An endless list of questions…

Two and a half years have passed, and the Syrian Revolution reached a pitiful state, which the regime remains primarily responsible for. However, revolutionary forces are also held accountable as well; no strategy was ever utilized to provide a unified command structure that could replace Assad. Instead, the opposition has been falling apart, more and more each day, paving the way for the U.S. to intervene.

Considering the overall situation in Syria, the air strike will not be the major violation of national ascendancy, for Assad has been violating that for years. Yet, it will be another controversial matter igniting debate among Syrians, advocates and opponents of the strike.

Millions of Dollars have been spent on relief work, but not a tenth of that was spent to strengthen the role of media in informing the public opinion and in supporting the Revolution’s cause. The Syrian people must unite themselves all over the world to make their voices heard again in order to promote their just cause, as much as they should stop asking, as they have been for days, about Obama’s preferences in Syria!

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