TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY BRYAN PEARSON An Iraqi refugee girl leans on a bag upon her arrival from Syria to an international bus station in Baghdad’s al-Likaa square, 28 November 2007. For one of Baghdad’s top restaurateurs, returning to Baghdad from exile in Syria means setting up a roadside burger stall; for a farm equipment trader it means hunting for cash to start again. Iraqi refugees streaming back to their homeland are starting to pick up the pieces of their violence-shattered lives. AFP PHOTO/ALI YUSSEF (Photo credit should read ALI YUSSEF/AFP/Getty Images)

الإعلام الموجّه يشوه الحقيقة في بلادنا ويطيل أمد الحرب..

سوريا بحاجة للصحافة الحرة.. ونحن بحاجتك لنبقى مستقلين

ادعم عنب بلدي

دولار واحد شهريًا يصنع الفرق

اضغط هنا للمساهمة